Friday, April 7, 2017

A new polka dots jumpsuit for summer for Eva - Ottobre 3/2015 #14

After finding a new favorite pattern in Ottobre 3/2015 #15 dress I felt I should try the sibling pattern #14 as well that features pants  instead of the ruffles creating a jumpsuit rather then a dress. I thought it would be fun to wear in the summer and easier for a toddler to look neat at the playground.
The top pattern pieces are the same but it has simpler sleeves that I used for the dress actually and tried the puff sleeves for this one. The pants are quite roomy at the but and you don't see all the diaper details in it.
  I think I really like the large pants. And I am really tempted to sew just the pants from this next with a separate top.The pants pleats are really cute as well and now looking at the design photo I realize I done them wrong. They are still cute but I wish I would have done them like the picture!!!
   What I don't like is the way this is dressed and undressed. I don't like the whole body having to go through the neck opening. I was really nervous about that and I put elastic inside the back strap to make it more stable. the good news is that she fit inside without much trouble but I still hate it.
  Pockets are really a nice feature and Eva Loves them.
   I also like the fabric that is a comfortable single jersey with white polka dots. I also think the color is good on Eva. I just recently read about cold and warm color persons and I think Eva looks better in cold ones so the gold and yellow I just sewed for her may have not been the best choice...
 While I like the silhouette when she stands I don't think it looks as good when she sits. The top seem to run up and not cute...
Only one item this time so debt down to 41... At least I resisted the urge to buy more and that was really really hard.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Completing the sudoku wardrobe for my daughter

Eva's wardrobe is really a tradition by now for me. So I could not miss it this year. I started in a totally different direction with navy and white to go with jeans but early in march I remembered about her yellow shoes that she received last year as a gift from my sister but were way to big for her then and found the gold fabric in store. Everything took a totally different direction from there. The rest of fabrics are all from stash. It felt good to finally put them to use.
   The top tunic is my favorite piece - the fabric the design everything - love it. It is our new favorite pattern so you will probably  see many of it soon enough: - Ottobre 03/2015 #15 Lionella jersey dress:
It is none in a quite unusual fabric that i have no idea what it is but it very very light and soft to the touch witch is also unusual in sparkly fabric and to top all then great stretch and decent recovery.

The leggings are made layering the dress fabric with black stretch lace. Ottobre 04/2013 #16 Diamonds leggings:
My next favorite piece is the polka dots shirt - Ottobre 03/2015 #8 Zebra run shirt:
The street print dress is made mostly to go with her brother t-shirt. It features a mush fuller shirt and small hem ruffle. I just with I didn't went for contrast sleeves. Ottobre 04/2013 #14 Princess Castle tunic:
The last dress it is a bit to big and large for her. I've made variations of this pattern more the 10 times and yet somehow I managed to be off. But as the dress is also to large and to long I'll just leave it like that so she can grow into it. Ottobre 01/2016 #05 Pocahontas jersey top:
For this one I made her a matching sun hat and 3/4 leggings:
From the same pattern as the hat I tried to make her 2 simple black hats: 1 in jersey and 1 in spandex covered with lace:

I also made her 3 sets of matching leggings tunics since we had 1 set last year that was so so very much liked and used:

15 items bringing my debt down to 42... now if I could hold on buying new fabrics for a little while... But with the warm weather it is hard to resist new temptations. We will see...