Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lots of cats and 2 more jumpsuits for Eva - Ottobre 3/2015 #14

Eva started to have strong opinions about fabric prints and she likes cats so earlier this year I purchased 2 small pieces of fabric with cats on them thinking more that I will make some pillowcases for her or maybe a sundress but lately I've been working on many  jumpsuits for her from Ottobre  3/2015 #14 :
 And I started to think that this fabric would make for a cute jumpsuit as well and had to try it while pattern was still fresh on my mind.

  I did not had enough fabric to make the longer pants version but I could cut a 3/4 legs and used different batiste fabric to line the body.

On the black one I skipped the back tie - I was planning on adding one later but after wearing it I realized the shoulders doesn't drift so I will probably leave it like that. On the cream one I used contrast yellow stripes - it seemed a good idea at the time but I didn't like the coordination in the end...
The black one is my favorite. It is slightly larger then the creamy one where I overlapped the back panel a bit more.
 I bought 2 new fabric yesterday and I have sewn 2 new items in the weekend so my debt is still growing - 87 now. I think I should look back and change the rule to be 1 item for 1 fabric this way maybe I have a change to not be horrified by how much fabric I buy ...

Monday, June 19, 2017

One more peplum in denim polka dots - Lekala 4177

I meant this top to be my peplum for the wardrobe entry when I started but then I realized it is not working so well in my color scheme so I replaced it. It is the same Lekala pattern as the rest of them :
   It had modified sleeves - I even tried to attach the flounce from the McCall's top to it but it was terrible combo and made me look huge so I cut it off.
   It is a few centimeters longer and I drafted a collar for it to be more in sync with Eva's jumpsuit.
   It was such a lovely fabric to sew with and it's even nicer to wear.
4 items with the last 3 jumpsuits for Eva and 2 new fabrics bought from a local store so I am at the same 85 debt but I am thinking to place a "huge" order to another store that just sent me samples so I will probably get myself onto 3 digits debt soon....

Thursday, June 15, 2017

3 new jumpers for Eva - Ottobre 3/2015 #14

The refashioned shirt to toddler jumper was more successfully that I first expected. We really loved wearing it and it made Eva look neat and well put together. So I decided to do another one this time using one of my good thin soft polka dots denim. It was an excellent pick. The fabric looks great and it is so nice to wear. On top of everything it sewed up great as well.
    This time I kept the scooped neck. It is just to cute to eliminate and drafted another collar for this neck line. Used white heart shaped snaps for the closing and strings with a snap to prevent the shoulders drift.
    I also added a bit more room for the legs and used white top stitching for hems, pockets and inner leg seam.
   For the final touch I added a left over lace band to create a front central band.
   I am so happy i started this. It took me a few days to finish since I worked slowly on the details but it was all worth it. She could not be more adorable wearing it.
And since I loved this version so much I could not stop here. I did 2 more this time in a real rush. The next one is in a rayon fabric I really loved the feel of wearing it. It was one of the most comfortable top to wear and I was happy to use the left over piece for Eva. She will surely feel good in it this summer.
    Because of the busy fabric I skipped the collar but used the scooped neck and strings. I double the front and back piece and used yellow snaps for closing the back. I tried to center the print a bit and mach the center front row for top and pants.
The last one I did again in jersey using the stretch of the fabric to dress and went back to the original design and skipped the back closing.